Jonathan Carradine is a multi-disciplined artist and illustrator born and raised in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood in Chicago. His interest in art began at 9 years old and he has been creating ever since. He has experience in drawing, painting, digital and traditional illustration, animation, and graphic design. His personal work is inspired by his life experiences, the city of Chicago and pop culture. Carradine creates all of his work with a fiery passion and drive, dedicated yet approachable in the process. In recent years, his artwork has been displayed throughout Chicago in various exhibitions. As a member of the EXPO Collective, his work has been shown alongside its very talented members in fun and charitable shows. His commercial work has been used for flyers, display pieces, and book covers in recent years. Carradine’s goals as a creative is to find and work on challenging projects, create quality work to the best of his abilities and find ways to give back to the community through his craft and action.